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Stone Lintels and Heads


Cast Stone Lintels for Windows or Doors for sale from Stock across UK in Bath Stone Buff coloured Reconstituted Stone. Select style to view header sizes and Prices.

These artificial stone lintels have surface finish similar to that of natural sandstone and are designed to span apertures above windows or doors. All Addstone Cast Stone window heads are non-loadbearing and must be fully supported with suitable steel masonry lintels. This enables longer sizes to be created by adding additional lengths of head.

Traditional Keystone Lintel features can also be created from our Stock range simply by adding a Stone Keystone to the central section of these decorative lintels in projects such as Self Build or major housebuilding developments.

Sometimes referred to as Concrete Window Headers or Precast Stone, these headers are manufactured utilising a cementitious mix with fine natural aggregates to create a high quality imitation stone. Surface finish is a beautiful fine grade comparable to natural cotswold stone.

Based in the Midlands, Addstone Deliver across the UK or you can Collect products from our large distribution yard at Stoke on Trent ST3 5BL.

Buy your Window Heads, Lintels and Stone Cills Now by emailing: or phone 01785 878 402 to reserve stock.

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