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Up to 20,000 people build their own homes each year and many others carry out renovation projects or barn conversions. Everyone's taste is different but a clear theme runs through the very heart of self build - attention to detail. When people take on the challenge of designing and creating their own home, they have a powerful desire to cover all aspects of the project in intricate detail.

Self Build with Cast Stone Products In the past it proved difficult for self builders to source unusual and individual fine quality products, but now with mass use of the Internet self builders have acquired a tool that works when they work, and finds what they require.

Here at Addstone, we recognise the importance of the Internet to the Self Builder. We understand the time constraints and pressures of running your own project, and we strive to make purchasing top quality cast stone a straightforward task.

Addstone has the flexibility to deal direct with self build clients, whilst offering excellent prices and rapid deliveries. Our versatile range of cast stone products offers you a rich collection of features that will bestow on your new home an individual and elegant appearance.

Welcome to the World of Self Build Cast Stone, - Welcome to Addstone Cast Stone.

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